with spring in the air
and the flowers on the ground
bonnie makes her rounds


with fall all around
and the Tennessee trees brown
david rakes the leaves



with stars on his shirt
can a man fly to the sky
and hold to the moon

mr. normal

nothing exciting
extraordinary or weird
he’s mr. normal


she stood there and stared
looking like a ladybug
waiting to take flight


the priest shook his head
mass started early today
and you missed your bread

for katie

for katie i picked
sixty-six yellow daisies
and stung by one bee


spencer loved his spots
until he got chickenpox
so now he wears plaid


what a big camera
“better to take pictures with”
richard snaps a shot


snow falls to the ground
and with Christmas all around
a boy goes outside

rain boy

a splish and a splash
he looks to the sky and frowns
as the sun comes out

poky player

as the river pairs
he’s a sad poky player
and pulls out his hair

monkey man

he came from a tent
the monkey man cannot sing
so winds his red box


one eyed cubana
trips at the drop of a hat
but we still love her


mack is a jailbird
who sings old southern songs
drags his ball and chain


there’s nothing inside
his straw hair like a scarecrow
he’s so much like me


chasing butterflies
billy has bugs in his hair
snakes in his pockets


juan hit a home run
bases loaded with two outs
oh wow this is fun


hair combed to the side
willbie skated through down town
grinding out the streets

surfer dude

he lives on the coast
my friend is a surfer dude
the waves change his mood


kevin loves soccer
he hits the ball with his head
dreams of goals in bed


hitting a bad shot
ryan looses his temper
and throws his racquet


he came from the sun
but now he walks the earth with
sunspots on his shirt


zig zags all around
what a fat little tummy
daddy not mummy


frank wanted to be
a policeman but he grew
into a monster


you better watch out
cause i vant to suck your blood
like a guinness stout


the flick of her wand
the twitch of her nose, and poof
you’re a horny toad


pete wants a pumpkin
he picks out the largest one
how to get it home


he’s a one way street
with only one place to go
and no one to meet


fred wondered what's wrong
his pants don’t glow in the dark
but wait, there's a spark


reaching for the sky
now he feels like he could fly
cause he's a rock star

pram lady

the pram lady walks
down the street and up the hill
toward the big house


a tall skinny man
wearing a little striped hat
whatcha think ‘bout that


this mans a hippie
peace, love and all that good stuff
his life's really rough

fat boy

he used to be thin
but getting married quite young
he put on the pounds


she played with my heart
i remember rectangles
all over her dress


kenneth loved his cat
so he painted him with spots
a cheetah he’s not


oh poor poor lorie
he has circles on his head
simon fullgraf said


living with a lisp
the snakeman slurs his S and
hisses like a snake

balloon man

watch the balloon man
the magic little fingers
he’s made a doggy

jump rope

hop scotch and jump rope
i’ll see you on the playground
and stay till its dark

mr. juggles

look! mr. juggles
a head like a bowling ball
and his arms like pins


pepe the seaman
who sailed all the seven seas
sings of Tripoli


in downtown lakeland
mitchell sits and sips coffee
and dreams of a shop


no glitz and glamour
joe wanted to make a film
that was real and true

mari jane

little mari jane
all dressed for Sunday service
prayed it wouldn’t rain

duck hunter

finished the day with
a beautiful brace of birds
what could be better?

upland bird hunter

with his pointer dale
quigley's on the quest for quail
waiting for a shot

peter pirate

a patch for an eye
peter plays he’s a pirate
and hunts moby-dick

fly fish

he looks for a trout
as his fly hits the surface
small splash and tight line